In most cases, showers are the worst for grout and silicone seals becoming mouldy, dirty and beyond cleaning.  The average life of grout in a shower is generally around 5 to 7 years. Once it gets beyond that, the grout becomes quite porous, chalky and begins to get a lot harder to keep looking clean and gathers mould quite easily.

If you think about it, every day your shower is in use. Depending on how many people use your shower is the number of times a day your shower has to cope with. On top of that there are all the chemicals such as bleaches and disinfectants you use trying to keep the shower maintained which, in time, only makes the problem worse.

The other problem in showers is the silicone around the shower screens. Once it starts aging and water starts penetrating underneath it becomes quite black and mouldy and you end up with a grubby looking shower.

There are lots of reasons why a shower may be leaking and usually you can see the damage it’s causing.  Some of the reasons could be:

  • leaking downstairs causing water stains on the ceiling;
  •  leaking through a wall causing dampness to the carpet;
  • you might see paint bubbling on the side of the wall outside the shower; or
  • a door not closing in the bathroom because the door frame has swollen.

If a shower is leaking it is no cause for panic, as long as you don’t leave it to get worse!

When you call Leaking Shower Solutions I will come to your home, assess the problem and give you a free quote on the spot.

How do we get these amazing results?

Firstly, we remove all the old mouldy silicone seals from around the shower screen, followed by removal of the existing wall and floor grouts.

Next we regrout the tiles with a sanitised grout with an inbuilt sealant which helps keep the new grout looking fresh. All the tiles are then hand polished and shower floor is then epoxy grouted.

Finally, new pure white silicone seals are reapplied to the shower screen, bath and vanity. This process will make any shower and bathroom look brand new again.

The end result is a completely rejuvenated shower recess or bathroom giving each a longer lifespan and making it easier for you to keep clean.

It is also worth considering a kitchen splashback makeover by using the same process.

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